Course Description: 

A two-day course introducing the basic concepts of arrhythmia recognition and interpretation.

This seminar is geared to those who are new to cardiac care and to experienced professional alike. It provides an in depth overview of telemetry and helps non-cardiac specialists understand why it is important to monitor a heart's electrophysiology and to understand what it all means. Every attempt is made to simplify the complexities of telemetry and point out common mistakes so they can be avoided.


Seminar content covers basic cardiac terminology, anatomy related to the heart, electrophysiology, an introduction of monitoring principles, and an analysis of common and potentially lethal dysrhythmias including sinus, atrial, junctional, and ventricular arrhythmias, heart blocks, pacemakers and special considerations.


Learning activities include lecture, interactive discussion, analysis of ECG strips and learning evaluation. Seminar design allows time for practice of systematic approach to rhythm interpretation. Certificate of Completion is awarded for 100% attendance and successfully passing a written learning evaluation.


Course Locations, Dates and times: 


Our telemetry courses are available to groups of 8 or more students at your venue.  Please contact us for more information.


Tuition: $425.00 (includes text and supplies)